Heraldic Artist

R. S. Bengry: Heraldic Artist

The official on-line presence of Robert Bengry, Heraldic Artist.

Commissioning the artist...

Fr. Bengry’s work includes library paintings and heraldic designs for reproduction. All of his art is hand-painted with gouache on watercolour paper, with gold leaf and shell gold where appropriate. For an additional fee, he is able to provide a digital version of the arms for reproduction purposes (such as on letterhead and business cards). 

Fr. Bengry’s price-list (in Canadian Dollars, not including taxes) is the same as that of the Heraldic Authority of Canada and is as follows below. All prices are subject to change; be sure to ask if there are any promotions or clergy discounts available. A 50% downpayment is required before work begins. Prices are subject to change without notice. Check back from time to time for promotional prices of as much as a 40% saving.

Preliminary Design 

(includes a rough design, with minor revisions, for approval and original paint swatches

Shield 325 

Motto Scroll 30 

Crest 80 

Helm & Mantling 55 

Ecclesiastical Hat 35

Supporters & Compartment 160 

Motto Annulus 55 

Maltese Cross behind Shield 30 

Insignia Pendent from Shield 35 

Additional Scroll 55 

Cadet Shield 110 

Badge 165 

Complex Badge Structure 490 

Flag or Standard 165 – 220

Final Art 

(hand painted in gouache, with gold leaf and shell gold (if applicableon watercolour paper

Shield 540 

Motto Scroll 160 

Crest 165 

Helm & Mantling 215 

Ecclesiastical Hat 115

Supporters & Compartment 325 

Motto Annulus 165 

Maltese Cross behind Shield 55 

Insignia Pendent from Shield 85 

Additional Scroll 80 

Cadet Shield 180 

Badge 285 

Complex Badge Structure 600 – 1190

Flag or Standard 285 – 450

Digital Copies

for black and white reproduction 150

for colour reproduction 250

All rights reserved.