Heraldic Artist

R. S. Bengry: Heraldic Artist

The official on-line presence of Robert Bengry, Heraldic Artist.

About the artist...

Fr. Robert-Charles (Shane) Bengry is a life-long heraldic enthusiast and is one of the team of artists commissioned by the Heraldic Authority of Canada. In addition to his theological training, Fr. Bengry earned a Bachelor of Design. Before he became a Gilbertine, Fr. Robert-Charles worked in a variety of communications/design capacities and was a free-lance designer.

Fr. Bengry is the Prior of a small Gilbertine community based in Calgary, Alberta and is the Parish Priest at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in the historic Inglewood neighbourhood. He creates his artistic works at his studio at the Holy House Priory. He is pleased to offer his artistic talents not only to the Heraldic Authority of Canada, but for private commissions as well. Naturally he has a particular interest in ecclesiastical heraldry but he enjoys commissions of any variety.

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